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Currently in Seattle

Currently in Seattle — February 2nd, 2023

The weather, currently.

Mostly cloudy with rain beginning in the evening

February is the moody cousin of months. It is a time to turn up some old-school Seattle grunge and find your poetic muse in the leafless trees and bleak weather. So far, the month has begun with a lot of gray and cold, and on Thursday, rain will be added to the mix.

Thursday morning’s temperatures in the high-30s will call for a thick hoodie and a hat. At 1 pm, the temperature will breech 40°F and continue climbing to an evening high of 50°F. Most of the day will be dry, and then a light drizzle will begin around sunset. The drizzle will then turn to a pour that will continue on and off through the night.

—Jen Monnier

What you need to know, currently.

Currently founder, Eric Holthaus, was interviewed by Isabelle Wilkinson on the podcast Artists in Residence, a podcast celebrating people using creativity for good. Eric and Isabelle chatted about how radical imagination and community building are the tools we need to move forward in the fight against the climate crisis. Listen to the whole episode here.

What you can do, currently.